Production facilities

Production of veterinary medicines at PT. Mitravet is carried out in spesific and separated room, so that can produces good quality products. The room include:

– Raw material quarantine
– Raw material warehouse (Non AC & AC)
– Initial material administration room
– Weighing room
– Mixing and Filling Liquid room
– Filling powder room
– Bulk Product room
– Production administration room
– Coding room
– Packaging room
– Washing room
– Finished product quarantine
– Finished product warehouse
– Retained sample room
– Return finished product room

Laboratory facilities

Laboratory facilities are very important to support good quality production. At laboratory, physicochemical test of raw materials and finished product is carried out. The person in charge is the pharmacist. These facilities include:

– Laboratory room
– Spectrophotometer Shimadzu 1800 UV-Vis
– Moisturiser balance
– Fume hood
– Analytical balance
– Climatic Chamber